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Scope: Technical Committee 4.2 is concerned with the identification, analysis, and tabulation of climatic data for use in analysis and design of heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Promotion of effective use of weather information in these applications is also included.

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ASHRAE Handbook

We are responsible for Chapter 14: Climatic Design Information in the ASHRAE Handbook - Fundamentals.
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The draft minutes of the Chicago meeting have been posted, so has the agenda of the Atlanta meeting. See the Meetings page.

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Work documents are posted on the TC 4.2 Google Site,

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2015 Annual Meeting - Atlanta, GA, Jun 27 - Jul 1
2016 Winter Meeting - Orlando, FL,
Jan 23-27
2016 Annual Meeting - St. Louis, MO, Jun 25-29
2017 Winter Meeting - 
Las Vegas, NV, Jan 28-Feb 1